What is HeliCAL Report?

HeliCAL is an instant Solar power pre-feasibility report which gives you the cost and benefit of going solar by providing Solar energy assessment of your site, number of modules needed, capacity of inverter and batteries required, as well as 25 years worth of financial analysis which includes Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value, Cash Flow analysis, DSCR Ratio, Payback period, etc. for your Rooftop solar power system or Solar PV project. There are two types of HeliCAL reports; Basic and Premium which cater to various categories of users like homeowners, industrial and commercial users, PV farm owners, Solar consultants, banks, investors, etc.

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  • Resource data
  • PV generation
  • System sizing
  • System cost

PV Farms

  • Levellised Tariff
  • Return On Equity
  • Payback
  • DSCR

Bank/Financial Institutions

  • Net Present Value
  • Sale of Electricity
  • Internal Rate of Return
  • Cash flow analysis

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Enter your site address and a few technical parameters


Make Payment

Pay using Credit/Debit Card/Net banking, etc.


Your request is processed and calculations are performed instantly* using our algorithms

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Finally, you will receive your report in a few minutes

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