What type of Solar PV panel should I buy?


One of the most obvious questions that come to mind before thinking of investing in a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system is – What kind of Solar PV panel should I buy? And the answer to this question is, ‘It depends’ – mainly on factors such as intended application, user’s budget, space available, amount of sunlight, impact of environmental factors and shading, Return on Investment required, etc. Continue reading

3 Benefits of Going Solar


Solar power is no longer the “pipe dream of environmentalists,” which many have now realized. While there are still 2 billion people in the world without access to electricity (and at least a billion more who have it less than 10 hours/day), there are now 500,000 homes worldwide (mostly in Third World countries) powered by solar Photovoltaics (PV). In developing countries like India, people have started adopting solar power as it has become almost at par and in some cases even cheaper than utility provided electricity. Continue reading

The Financial Pillars Of Solar Project – PAYBACK, NPV, IRR and DSCR

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To determine how much one would make or save over the 25 years’ lifetime of a typical solar project involves a number of factors such as location, sunlight available, technology, incentives, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) rate, etc.

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Solar plant assessment in SECONDS!!!

House with Solar panel



Thinking about going solar for your roof or farm and are not sure how?? Don’t worry, just get your HeliCAL Report and get started!!

HeliCAL Report is a one stop solution for Solar assessment which gives you the cost and benefit of going solar by providing you with a techno-financial analysis for your roof or site.

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Solar Prefeasibility analysis

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A prefeasibility study (of a project) is a preliminary analysis undertaken to determine whether it would be worthwhile to proceed to the feasibility study stage. (Source: BusinessDictionary.com). The pre-feasibility study builds confidence among stakeholders and potential users of a project.

Putting it in perspective, investing in a Solar plant (whether Rooftop PV or Solar farm) requires considerable amount of time, resources and investment. So whether you are a homeowner wanting to install a 1 kW Solar plant on your roof or a large company investing in a Utility scale Megawatt (MW) size Solar farm, the first question that would come to mind is whether the investment is worthwhile. This is where pre-feasibility analysis comes into action. Continue reading

Resource Assessment – The First Step


Resource Assessment – The name might sound unfamiliar to some, but if one plans on investing in a Solar plant for a farm or roof this is one of the pre-requisites to be considered. It is as good as ensuring that there is enough fuel in ones car to estimate how far it will go before setting out. Well, not sure if this was a good example but hope the below explanation makes it clear. Continue reading

Make In India – Push for Renewable Energy

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The Make in India week has indeed been a successful one proven by securing investment commitments worth Rs 15.2 lakh crore, with host state Maharashtra alone accounting for Rs 8 lakh crore.  Apart from others, a positive push for renewable energy came with the promise made by the minister for power, coal, and new and renewable energy, Mr. Piyush Goyal, that solar manufacturing in India is likely to get significantly cheaper in the next 18 months. The current annual solar manufacturing capacity in India stands at a meagre 4GW. (Source: Livemint.com) Continue reading