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Latitude (Eg. 19.0652071 N)
Longitude (Eg. 72.83554529999999 E)
System Sizing
System Type : Off-Grid Daily Electricity consumption (kWh) : 19 Availability (%): 90 Hours of Sunlight (hrs): 9
Installed capacity (kW) : 400 Module Type : Polycrystalline Module Make : Vikram+Solar Module Capacity (Wp) : 600
Inverter Efficiency (%) : 90 DC losses (%) : 5.5 AC losses (%) : 5.5
Inverter Capacity (kVA) : 900 Inverter Type : String Inverter Make : Sukam
Battery Capacity (Ah) : 1800 DC System Voltage (v) : 24 Reserve Time Required (days) : 1
Battery Voltage (v) : 6 Battery Make : XYZ
Type of Mounting System : Flat Tilt Degree (Inclination) : 30 Tilt Direction (Azimuth) : NE
Auxiliary Consumption : NA Capacity Utilization factor (%) : 40 Deration factor (%) : 2
Debt (%) : 0 Equity (%) : 0 Mortarium Period : 0 Repayment Period (yrs) : 0
No of payments in a year : 0 Total No of payments : 0 Interest Rate (%) : 0 Subsidy (%) : 0
Income Tax (%) : 0 Depreciation over loan tenure (%) : 0 Depreciation beyond loan tenure (%) : 0
Maintenance spare (% of O&M exp) : 0 Interest on Working capital (%) : 0
Customized Report
Site selection & Design Yes
System Sizing Yes
Financial Information Yes
Company Logo
Quotations from 3 Certified EPC contractors Yes
Information regarding loans from 3 Banks Yes